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Schedule and Rates

Morning Session: 7:00-8:45 A.M.
Afternoon Session: 12:00-5:30 P.M.

Both sessions offered for ONLY $5.00 per hour!

You also have the option to register for our 5 Full Day Program (7am-5:30pm) for $775.00/month if potty trained and $790.00/month if not.

Kids LOVE Breakfast and Lunch Bunch!

Extended Day Care is a less structured, but very enjoyable, time of day for your child. It is designed for your convenience. You may leave your child occasionally, or every day as it suits your schedule. The rates are broken down into 5 minute intervals so you are only charged for the amount of time your child is with us. We will bill you at the end of the month for the time your child stayed. Any child enrolled at United Methodist Nursery School is welcome to come to Lunch Bunch even on the days he or she is not at school. We ask that you inform the school a day ahead, or call by 9:30am to ensure we have enough teachers on hand to watch all of the children.

Breakfast Bunch

We offer extended day care in the mornings from 7:00-8:45am. Children will need to be walked up to the classroom and signed in. The school does not provide breakfast, but will serve your child any breakfast that you bring from home. Please only bring a one-day supply, as we do not have room for extra food storage.

Lunch Bunch

The children refer to the afternoon care as "Lunch Bunch". To stay "Lunch Bunch" a child must bring a lunch from home or purchase pizza or hot dogs when they are offered. Lunches run $3.75 per day. Please do not expect the extended day care teacher to microwave food, peel oranges, etc. There are many children and only one or two teachers. We also ask you not to include candy, gum, or soda in their lunched. Remember, we are a peanut free facility. Please avoid all peanut products. At "Lunch Bunch" we have the children eat their nutritional foods in their lunches before they can eat the rest, so please include nutritional food that they enjoy. Remember, if you cannot get them to eat something at home we probably won't be able to get them to eat it at school.


Because we are a half-day program, we are not required to make the children have a two hour nap. If you feel that your child requires a nap we will make every effort to have him or her take one. We have resting mats but you will need to provide a blanket and sheet. These go home with you on the weekend to be washed.

Extended Day Care is not part of the regular program. Children who are disruptive or cause undue hardships to the entire group may have the privilege revoked. This holds true of caretakers who are constantly late in picking up their children. "Lunch Bunch" ends at 5:30pm. Our day care teacher is not paid beyond this time. Please do not expect her to stay later than this. If you are more than five minutes late picking up your child, an additional $0.50 per five minute charge will be added to your bill. After the third time being this late, the additional cost will be $5.00 per minute.

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